Clean up

When you’re done experimenting, return to the CloudFormation dashboard

Click the check box next to your stack, then choose Delete Stack from the Actions menu

Click Yes, Delete in the dialog box.


In this lab, you used CloudFormation to deploy a DynamoDB table, and an Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain to search the data in your table. You explored building complex, bool queries that used the indexes for your fields’ data. You explored Elasticsearch’s geo capabilities, and its abilities to search natural language data. You created aggregations to analyze the movie data and discover the best-rated actor in this data set. Finally, you used DynamoDB streams to flow updates from your table to your domain and Kibana to visualize the changes in your table.

Whew! That’s a lot! And you’ve barely scratched the surface of Elasticsearch’s capabilities. Feel free to use this lab guide and its template to explore more on your own.